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Brad Ernst

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This was a great game to watch.  The game included intense defense, clutch shots and a game winning shot at the end by Kris Anderson.  It was tied at 54 after both teams had exchanged made three pointers and White Oak had the ball with a minute left.  Kris Anderson held the ball till it was under 10 seconds then drove the lane and hit a runner with 2.6 seconds left.  Brock had to inbound the length of the court and the inbounds pass was stolen by White Oak, game over.  What did yall think of the game?  What about the accomplishment of back to back state titles?

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I think one lucky shot from mid-court at halftime was a huge bonus. This was the difference in a won/loss. Great game on the internet to listen to.
Mark 11:23

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Great accomplishment and many congratulations to White Oak.

I don't think the shot was really all that lucky (and it was at the end of the third, wasn't it?), well at least no more than any other shot. Kid made his own luck by getting the best look he could and he's a good shooter and he hit it. Brock probably should've been hounding him all the way up the court.

Also some more armchair quarterbacking, but I disagreed with Brock's decision to let White Oak hold for the game winning shot. Disagreed before the shot, certainly disagreed after the shot. I mean they sat back and watched the clock melt away and wound up getting broken down off the dribble and giving up a high percentage look anyway.
Clifford L Anderson

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I thought this was a great game for the fans....very proud of my son (Kris #14) for finishing his career hitting the big shot to win the state championship! Also to the haters that was there who wanted us to fail "leadership comes from the top" and just maybe you'll get there and win it not just get there, maybe that number 1 ranking want go to your head........and to a have great coach helps! My son record is 126-13 in four years with two state championship (MVP) you guys can have it now.....we are good!

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I thought that this game was one of the best in the tourn. I will never under stand why Brock's coach would let Kris stand there with the ball and let the clock run out knowing that one man alone can't stay in front of him. I'm sure he regrets that decission. Congrats to Kris on your 2nd state championship. You know i'm proud of you. Congrats to the Sutton Brothers. I would love to see the two have a 3 point shootout. Congrats to Hayden Nichols. Like the way he took control in game 1. Congrat to all of the supporting cast. It's great to see a team that no mater who comes in the game, the defense never lets up. Congrats to Coach Of The Year Ron Boyett. 2 years and 2 games shy of a perfect record with back to back state championships. Can't leave out Levi. It has been great watchin you grow over the years. Congrats to all of your accomplishments. You deserve them all. Hard work and keeping the faith pays off.   Shout out to my Podna, Cliff Anderson. It's always been fun going to all the games sitting with you man. You scream and shout as much as i do so it was always good that if i said something to a ref I could point at you. lol. The moment i will never forget is us sitting in the upper level of the Frank Erwin Center,Kris hit the last shot to win the game, Brock threw threw the ball away, the buzzer sounds and i watch you run out of the stands, down the hall, i tried to catch up but you were already downstairs. Did you go down the escalator or jump over the wall? lol

Clifford L Anderson

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Love u too bigman it's been a great four year ride with these young basketball i have ever seen! People have already ask me what will i do now.....well i'll be in White Oak watching the best basketball in texas ( real basketball ) man on man defense, shooters, chemistry, great players, great coach, unselfish teammates, same uniforms down to the!

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What are your sons college plans if you don't mind me asking.... Love watching him play
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