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Brad Ernst

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I realized afterward I did not update 3A region 3

1A-II region 1

1A-II region 2

1A-II region 3

1A-II region 4

1A-I region 1

1A-I region 2

1A-I region 3

1A-I region 4

2A region 1

2A region 2

2A region 3

2A region 4

3A region 1

3A region 2

3A region 3

3A region 4

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There will be some good ball being played, your brackets are pretty much just like mine.

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Grapeland vs. MM/LP looks to be a fun Area game to catch, as will Tenaha vs. WS/SA.

Interested to see what Alto brings to the table. I hear Sturns is a solid player and that half of the bracket isn't that bad outside of the WS/SA & MM/LP...Not really sure what Rapoport has, but Mart was solid and young last year, so they can't be bad...
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