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Brad Ernst

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Over the next month I'll be tweeting and posting the top players to watch daily from a lot of districts across east Texas.  I'll add to this list as I tweet them every day.  If you have a player to watch you can post on this thread.  If you want to follow on twitter. @hoopinsider

17-1A-II - Robert Van Kranenburg, Sr - Lingleville; Ruperto Huerta, Sr - Lingleville; Junior Fragoza, Sr - Huckabay; James Weiss, So - Huckabay; Zach Carlton, Sr - Gorman(transferred to Eastland);
19-1A-II - Robert Worley, Sr - Frost; Rho Calhoun, So - Coolidge; Kobe Hailey, Fr - Frost; Colton Clayton, Sr - Frost; Delvin Smith, So - Coolidge
22-1A-II - Kalyl McGuire, Sr - Roxton; Brett Pearson, Sr - Ector, James Black, Sr - Roxton; Travon Williams, Sr - Roxton; Dane Reed, So - Roxton
25-1A-II - Damyien Durham, Oakwood; Bryce Westbrook, Douglass; Dante Harris, Laneville; Kendrick Anderson, Laneville; Jacquez Anderson, Oakwood
17-1A-I - James Jackson, So - Lapoynor; Davis Moore, So - Martins Mill; Octavious Crear, Sr - Lapoynor; Hunter Conway, Jr - Martins Mill; Matt Easley, Sr - Big Sandy
18-1A-I - Nate Betts, Jr - Kerens; Daedrion Tolliver, Jr - Kerens; D'Warren Simmons, Sr - Hubbard; Tyvon Freeman, Sr - Wortham; Shelton Sayles, Sr - Kerens
20-1A-I - Patrick Walker, Grapeland; Jacolby Simpson, Grapeland; Alfred Simmons, Lovelady; Connor Dickson, Slocum; Exavier Brooks, Normangee
21-1A-I - Angel Marroquin, Jr - New Summerfield; Wendl Thomas, Jr - New Summerfield; Zach Sturns, Sr - Alto; Christian Hammett, So - Mt Enterprise
22-1A-I - Jacobi Ivy, Sr - Tenaha; Peyton Burton, Jr - Martinsville; Josh Bowen, Sr- Gary;  CJ Watson, So - Shelbyville
23-1A-I - Jarvis Smith, Sr - San Augustine; Dez Randle, Sr - San Augustine; Rickel Thomas, Sr - West Sabine; Zaryan Price, Jr - Broaddus
24-1A-I - Jalen Abbey, Sr - Big Sandy; Angel Bullock, So - Big Sandy; Trent Williams, Jr - Big Sandy; Aaron Moseley, Sr - Hull Daisetta
11-2A - Mason Riggins, Jr - Whitewright; Ryan Shuessler, Jr - Whitesboro; Garrett Fulenchek, Sr- Howe
12-2A - Josh Quinn, Sr - Sunnyvale; Jalen Clark, Jr - Farmersville; Tyler Brewer, Sr- Gunter
14-2A - Jackson Tyner, Jr - Edgewood; Tyler Germany, Sr - EW; Trent Phelps, Jr - EW; Sawyer Zachary, Sr - Lone Oak; Clint Mahand, Sr - LO; Evan Henry, Jr - Quitman; Sheyan Thompson, Sr - Winnsboro
15-2A - Jamal Curtis, Sr - Rivercrest; Baron Rogers, Sr - MP Chapel Hill; Trent Evans, Sr - Chisum; Tyus Savage, Sr - Clarksville
16-2A - Jeff Gladney, Jr - New Boston; Tanner Hamilton, So - Hooks
17-2A - Robbie Rockwell, Sr - Tatum; Hayden Nichols, Sr - White Oak; Kevin Johnson, Jr - Waskom; Jahee Johnson, Sr- Tatum; Josh Benson, Sr - White Oak
18-2A - Noah Burwell, Sr - Hawkins; Blake Lynch, Jr - Troup; Tyrice Ross, Sr - West Rusk;  Lavon Davis, Jr - Hawkins, Cody Sauce, Jr - Sabine, Tanner Sharpe - Sabine, Corey Warren - Frankston
19-2A - Coby Berry, Sr - Crockett; Keaton Fontenot, Jr - Central Heights;  Tanner Garner, Sr - Central Heights; Carlton Shirley, Sr - Crockett; JJ Turner, Sr- Westwood
23-2A - Juanya Pyburn, So - BG; Daniel Arteaga, Sr - Rice; Marquise Womack, Sr - Marlin; Daniel Pelzel, Sr - BG; Jace Butler, Sr - Mildred; Drayton Sterling, Sr - Mildred; Tyler Adams, Sr - Buffalo
24-2A - Michael Witherspoon, Jr - Franklin; Will Phillips, So - Franklin; Michael Lewis, Jr - Trinity; Demarion Perez, Sr - Hempstead; Dalton Birdsong, Jr - Onalaska; Tredarrion Satchel, Sr - Hearne; Kevin Woods, Sr - Anderson Shiro
12-3A - Dra Smith, Sr - Bonham; Jackson Webb, Sr - Melissa; Jakari Dillard, Sr - Princeton; Chae Dexter, Sr - Community
13-3A - Rashaan Donelson, Sr - Liberty Eylau; Davion Hall, Sr - Liberty Eylau; Seljah Johnson, Jr - Paris
15-3A - Anthony Sanders, Sr - Athens; Courtland Lyons - Athens; Kelby Nixon, Sr - Canton; Brad Wiggins, Sr - Canton; Will Bailey - Brownsboro; Tamrick Pace - Brownsboro; Carson Rucker- Van
17-3A - Brandon Benson, So - La Vega; Parrish Cobb, So - La Vega
19-3A - Kaylon Watson, Sr - Mexia; Bryson Gates, Sr - Fairfield;  Ike Jones, Sr - Mexia
22-3A - Zach Dumas, Sr - Huffman; Cedric Gambrell, Sr - Cleveland; Deon Baldwin, Sr - Cleveland; Douglass Johnson, Sr - Coldspring; Alec Dunham, Jr-  Coldspring; Ed Hayes, So- Coldspring
16-4A - Pat Mahomes, Sr - Whitehouse; Raybon Riden, Sr - Jacksonville; Jordan Caldwell, Sr - John Tyler

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In 15-2A, off the top of my head:

Clarksville - Tyus Savage
MP Chapel Hill - Baron Rogers
Rivercrest - Jamal Curtis

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20-1A-I - Patrick Walker, Sr - Grapeland; Jacolby Simpson, Sr - Grapeland; Jaques Faulk, So - Grapeland; Alfred Simmons, Jr - Lovelady; Connor Dickson, Jr - Slocum; Exavier Brooks, Jr - Normangee; Colton Jones, Jr - Normangee; Austin Aguirre, So - Normangee

I'm sure that I'm missing a few...Left off a few from Grapeland that could be on the list, but those are the main three from Grapeland this year. Keep an eye out for Demetri Walker, Sr from Grapeland. Missed last year with a back injury and should be back and ready to play after surgery this summer.

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Clarksville- Clashon Gaffney Fr ESPN National Ranked #20

Haven't heard of will

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Coldspring Junior Guard Donte Randles is a name to look out for in this upcoming season. Incredible ball-handling and a unlimited shooting range. His ability to blow by the defender is tremendous. Another name to look out for at Coldspring High School is Sophomore Guard Trey Cole. An all-around ball player who can score at will. But is a very unselfish player. Trey also has tremendous ball-handling skills and a great jumper. Coldspring has a lot of young talent such as Sophomore Posts Aveon Gilbert and Ed Hayes. Coldspring is a team to lookout for this coming season!!!

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Donnelson from LE broke his leg in football a few weeks ago probably will not play until Christmas or at all. Davion Hall is graduating in December to attend college early i have been told

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14-2A. Add Kyle Miller, Sr. Alba-Golden to that list.  He's on the same level as the others from the district.

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How are the players to watch doing this year so far? Durham from Oakwood put up 34 points 19 rebounds 7 assists 6 steals and 2 blocks in there only game so far this year. Played very well.
Jack 06

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I heard the big man from San Augustine averaged 23ppg and 15 rebounds in the Huntington Tourny. I think his name is Jarvis Smith.

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Jack 06.......He is a beast for a 1A player....SA will make some noise this year.
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