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 who wins?
 Hearne 0 0%
 Trinity 5 100%
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Brad Ernst

4A-1A Editor
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Both teams got a bit of a late start due to football and Hearne has played less games than Trinity to this point. Trinity just came off a close loss at Crockett that I think was a good test going into district. I think this game will have some bearing on the playoffs in this district. It will just be a matter of what it's for as district plays out. Who wins and why?

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I pick Trinity. However I havent seen Hearne this year. I know Trinity has size and a guard that is the general on the floor. If 12 gets comfortable and is able to drive they are tough to beat. They are deep and finish well on fast breaks especially if 12 has the ball. Hearne better be prepared to rebound too.


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I'll take Trinity in this one. Trinity is a tough place for any team to win. Still should be a great game.

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In Trinity, gotta lean towards the Tigers. A lot of size and speed for Trinity. I think Trinity can make a lot of noise when they get a little more comfortable after the late start to the season

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Trinity at home. Only lost two games at home in two years and one was the first game to splendora in overtime when 90% of the team was still playing football. We'll protect home court , let #12 and #10 go to work.
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