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Brad Ernst

4A-1A Editor
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I was curious of the district breakdown of how many districts have 2 and 3 teams left, so I did my own count.  I think this could tell you who the better districts are, but keep in mind, not all paths are equal.  Some teams and districts get much tougher draws in bidistrict and area, so this doesnt necessarily mean these districts are the best.  For example, if Laneville draws just about any other district champ than Calvert, last years state champ, there could be 3 teams left in 25-1A-II.  I only counted 5 district with all 3 teams still remaining.  I thought it was interesting that of all regions 1A-3A, 1A-I region 3 is the only region with a rep from all 8 districts still in the playoffs.  I think that shows deep that region was this year.  What do you make of all this info?

2 teams left


5-1A-II - Petersburg, Ropes
6-1A-II - Grady, Sands
14-1A-II - Water Valley, Garden City
17-1A-II - Huckabay, Lingleville
19-1A-II - Frost, Coolidge
22-1A-II - Roxton, Ector
25-1A-II - Douglass, Oakwood
30-1A-II - D'Hanis, Utopia


2-1A-I - Clarendon, Vega
5-1A-I - Farwell, Morton
9-1A-I - Stamford, Munday
15-1A-I - Trenton, Boles
31-1A-I - Port Aransas, Woodsboro


1-2A - Canadian, Bushland
6-2A - Wall, Jim Ned
15-2A - Clarksville, MP Chapel Hill
17-2A - White Oak, Tatum
19-2A - Westwood, Crockett
22-2A - Jarrell, Salado
24-2A - Franklin, Trinity
26-2A - Van Vleck, Hitchcock
29-2A - SA Cole, Randolph


4-3A - Wylie, Greenwood
5-3A - WF Hirschi, Burkburnett
13-3A - Pleasant Grove, Liberty Eylau
23-3A - Yates, Washington
27-3A - Boerne, Fredericksburg
30-3A - CC West Oso, Orange Grove

3 teams left

3-1A-II - Texline, Nazareth, Happy
25-1A-I - Mumford, Milano, Snook
9-2A - Ponder, Brock, Peaster
11-3A - Madison, Wilmer Hutchins, Roosevelt
17-3A - Robinson, La Vega, Connally
Clifford L Anderson

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Region 3 Class 2A one of the best in Texas.....8 teams left 2 from each district is something special gonna be fun this week......lets go Necks and Eagles representing 17 2A all the way! I believe......

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Id like to see this list revised this week but from looking at it 1 a district 25 with douglass and oakwood are the only team left in 1 a division 2 with two teams. And both teams could meet up saturday for a district rematch in the regional finals. They dont happen all that often but they always tend to be really great games when teams meet up in regional finals from the same district.

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2a region 3 is represented by 2 districts, Jarrell and Salado from one and Tatum and White Oak from another.
Brad Ernst

4A-1A Editor
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25-1A-II is definitely showing their dominance being the only 1A-II left with 2 teams.  Laneville was eliminated by the former state champs.  13 and 17-3A are the only 2 districts where the 2nd and 3rd place team from the district are left. 

Districts with 2 teams left

25-1A-II - Douglass, Oakwood

9-1A-I - Stamford, Munday

25-1A-I - Mumford, Milano

9-2A - Brock, Ponder

17-2A - Jarrell, Salado

22-2A - White Oak, Tatum

4-3A - Abilene Wylie, Greenwood

11-3A - Madison, Wilmer Hutchins

13-3A - Pleasant Grove, Liberty Eylau

17-3A - La Vega, Connally

2nd place teams

1A-II - Lingleville, Oakwood (tied for 1st)

1A-I - Wellington, Munday, Kerens, Milano, Weimar

2A - Bushland, Ponder, MP Chapel Hill, Salado, Tatum

3A - Greenwood, Wilmer Hutchins, Pleasant Grove, La Vega

3rd place teams

3A - Liberty Eylau, Connally
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