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How come Texas doesn't have district tournaments? 

This question may have been answered before but I would like to know the reasoning behind it. I am originally not from Texas but I've seen other states like; Ohio, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, California, all have district tournaments. Teams would play district play to see who got what seed in their district, then play a tournament to decide who was district champs, as well as determine the seeding going into the state playoffs. Something similar to college conference tournaments. It gives a chance for those "Cinderella" teams to make that one final push.

This, in my opinion, would seem like it has some benefits to it. I will give only 2, of my many other reasons on why it would be nice to have district tournaments. Then, I would love to hear others opinions on why or why not.

1. It prepares players and coaches for state playoffs and future.

By playing in a district tournament where if you lose, you go home, it simulates the pressure to that of a state playoff. It puts players in a position where they have to make plays and handle intense situations. This is especially beneficial for the younger players. Win or lose, it gives them some type of experience in a "playoff atmosphere" that they can look back at and learn from. 

2. Excitement, Competition, Rivalries, and...UPSETS!

There's nothing more exciting than to see two of the best teams in the district go head-to-head for the right to call themselves District Champs. Players will step up and make plays that you never seen them do before. Rivalries will be born or reborn. Bragging rights should happen when it matters most, not during the season when players are hurt or out. If the #1 team beats the #2 team twice during district play, it allows #2 one more shot at redemption in the final game, where stakes are high. 

And last but not least...upsets! Upsets will happen. It allows that #5 seed that lost to #4,#3 by a few points one more chance to make it to "The Dance", and, at a higher seed. It gives that #5 or 6 team something to look forward to, an incentive to keep playing, a hope for another day of basketball. 

There is a lot more reasons I have but I would hate to make a long post to read...and type. I would love to hear others take on this. Whether they be additions, agrees, disagrees, thoughts. I have posted a poll question. Hopefully there is something to check.

Should Texas have District Tournaments?
Brad Ernst

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I think you make some good points.  I think a district tournament would be exciting for teams and fans, especially how competitive some districts are.  My biggest problem is the fact that teams play each other twice in district which comes out to 10-14 games of your schedule depending on the size of your district.  So half or more of your total games are district games and with a district tourament they are essentially meaningless because you are deciding the fate of your district on a tournament.  I like the best teams making the playoffs and I think by playing each other twice you get the best representation of that over a tournament.

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I understand what you mean by already playing everybody twice but I believe those games, depending on how well you do during district play, plays a role in what seed you are in the district tournament. The road to making playoffs is a lot easier when you're a #3 seed in district compared to when you're a #4 or #5 seed.
I played in a different state where a team with 13 wins made it to the Final Four. That team was hit with injuries and ineligibility through the majority of their season until they got everyone back the last 2 games of district where they finished #7 in district and ended up being district champs. That team went something like 3-11 in district. But if they were playing in Texas-style, they never would have been in the Final Four because they would have already been out.

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I've said it a million times, the first two rounds of the state tournament should be within your district. #1 vs. #4 and #2 vs. #3 at the site of the regular season district champion. After those two rounds are complete you have a representative from each district go to the regional tournament. Let them play similar to the way it is now with district 1 playing district two and so on. Makes much more sense and eliminates a ton of travel. And in my opinion it would be so much more fun.
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