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Brad Ernst

4A-1A Editor
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Let me know if you can read these.  I just did my best guess on some of them and others I thought it was too confusing to guess.  This really right now is more of a guide of who you think your team might play in the playoffs but more importantly, where you want to be on the bracket.  All of this is assuming there is no major injuries or upsets.  Here is my take on the playoff brackets:

1A-II - region 3

Roxton is the heavy favorite, so being on the bottom side of the bracket is the place to be. Especially for a team like Huckabay who is probably the 2nd best team in the region. They wouldnt have to face Roxton till the reg finals. Saltillo will have to face them before the regional tournament and the runner up of Miller Groves district also.  Getting 2nd place will be important in district 22 because if you get 3rd, you got Saltillo/Roxton before regionals and 2nd place has a realistic shot at regional tournament.

1A-II - region 4

It looks like 2nd place is clearly the best position to be in and 3rd is the toughest in 25-1A-II.  If you come in 2nd, you dont have to play Calvert, 1st or 3rd in 25-1A-II till the regional finals and you'll only have to play one of them.  If you come in 3rd, you will have to beat Calvert in area and the 1st place team in 25-1A-II.  The 1st place team will have to play Calvert or the 3rd place team in 25-1A-II in the regional quarterfinal plus the 2nd place team in 25-1A-II in the finals.  All of this is assuming there is no upsets before they matchup.  So out of Calvert, and 1st and 3rd from 25-1A-II, only one of them will be in the region 4 regional tournament which is a real shame.

1A-I - region 3

There are no easy roads to winning this region.  You will have a minimum of 2 tough games to win this region.  And depending on who wins the region, probably 3. A possible area matchups would be Mart/Kerens or Cayuga.  The possible regional quarters matchups will be very tough and some very good teams will go home.  Possible matchups could be Grapeland/Cayuga or Kerens, Big Sandy/Tenaha and Lapoynor/Mart or Cayuga or Kerens.

1A-I - region 2

I didnt fill out this bracket much for 2 reasons.  First, I'm really not sure how some of these districts will play out.  Secondly, I think Triple A is a huge favorite in this region.  Possible teams to come out of the bottom side of the bracket to play Triple A in the finals are Poolville and Munday.

2A - region 3

The most glaring thing you notice when you glance over the bracket is that Kountze has to play White Oak or Tatum in area.  If you're White Oak or Tatum, you really want to win the district so you wouldnt have to possibly face Kountze till the regional finals.  Even if you beat Kountze in area, you'll have to face either Jarrell or Franklin/Trinity in the regional semis.  Another observation I made is that a 2nd place team on the bottom of the bracket could make the regional tournamentl ike Salado or Trinity. 

2A region 2

The bottom side of the bracket looks much tougher than the top with Brock, Clarksville, Whitesboro and Red Oak Life down there. The top side of the bracket looks wide open with teams like Ponder and Edgewood having a good shot to make the finals on that side.

3A - region 3

I didnt fill out much of the bottom since Yates is down there and they're the heavy favorite. The main observation I made is that past 21-3A favorites HJ and Silsbee will want to get runner up this year if they want to avoid Yates until the regional finals.  There are some quality teams at the top but it doenst look near as imposing getting to the finals as it does on the bottom.

3A - region 2

The top quarter of the bracket is loaded with Argyle, Princeton, and the Madison/Wilmer Hutchins district runner up.  Argyle will have to face 2nd place in 11 which will likely be Madison or WH and that is a really tough area game.  Whoever wins district 11 with Madison/WH has a much easier road to the finals.  In the bottom quarter of the bracket, it looks like a guarantee there will be an east Texas team in the regional tournament.

1A-II region 3

1A-II region 4

1A-I region 3

1A-I region 2

2A region 3

2A region 2

3A region 3

3A region 2

Clifford L Anderson

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It truly doesn't matter who wins first or second in the district........2A is tough all over in the playoffs whether you play Tatum, Kountze or the defending State Champs.........

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Central Heights and Woden aren't in district 17 they are in district 19 with Crockett and Westwood.

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Even though I've stated 25 1A 2 is not the SEC of HS I do think two teams from that District will play in the regional finals As usual region 4 is weak. 1A 2 region 3 will be owned by Roxton literally no contest. Hosea Lee is a tremendous coach but Coach Dalbert has proven to be a more than capable replacement and with kid from Paris transferring in they have a big that can defend and rebound.
In 1A region 3 it is ridiculous. SA, Lapoynor, Grapeland, and at least three others are very capable. Besides triple A in region 2 they could win every region. Cayuga is going to have trouble because the athletic matchups are their Achilles heel. Lapoynor is a team i like alot. They are very ballanced. They have some size a very good point guard, good shooters, and disciplined. They have seem to over shadowed by the other top tier teams but I'm picking them as the "sleeper" to win the region. Tenaha looks young but capable of making noise. Beeninnikes I'm puzzled with the Martinsville / Tenaha pick for that district I know Martinsville played a very tough early schedule but Joaquin killed them in the Gary tourney and they have yet to beat or compete with any good teams. WO beat them by 60 and Saltillo played WO very close. Do you think that's just a real weak district or are they saving up for District, just curious. Lol
2A region 3 will be represented by District 17 or 19 in Austin those two Districts have the four best teams and CH has been a surprise and will knock somebody's first place team out eventhough I think they will be a third seed.
No reason to fill out 3A region 3 Yates will roll through, 25-30 plus, every night. I have not seen any Region 2 teams but if Argyle defends like they did last year that would be an interesting game.

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In 1A D1 region 3...I think San Augustine will have the "easiest" road to Tyler. Grapeland vs Cayuga/Kerens before regional tournament is a heck of a matchup. Also LaPoynor, Mart and Cayuga/Kerens sitting in one section of the bracket is tough. The top halfs of each semi-final are just loaded with good teams. If I was gonna call the bottom half of the semi-finals I'd say San Augustine in the bottom and Tenaha or Big Sandy in the top.

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Region III 1A Div. II

don't forget about Ector and Miller Grove--they are both opposite of Roxton
Slidell playing well

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How far do you see WS going out of region 3? Would it be safe to say that Region 3 1A Div. 1 is a veritable "Murderers Row" and the state champ could very well emerge from this region? 

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I think West Sabine finishes third in their district, wins their 1st round game and then goes down to Tenaha in the 2nd round.  
Clifford L Anderson

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No matter the turn out in Class 2A region 3 for the Necks we'll suit up........but on the (Kountze situation ) they also have to play one of the best teams in our district WO or's gonna be fun rack to rack a lot of drama but until then we got other work do like go get this district championship. I believe*

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Check that, finishes 3rd and loses to new summerfield in the 2nd round or San Augustine in the 3rd
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