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5A: scroll down

*AD=all district

1. North Shore
Losing: Brandon Etienne (1st AD)
Jalin Hart (1st AD)
Brandon Green (1st AD)
Michael Capers (2nd AD)

Returning: Kerwin Roach (state tourney team) (all region) (dist MVP) 
Jarrey Foster (state tourney MVP)
Derec Burks (2nd AD)

2. DeSoto
Losing: Terry Maston (state tourney team) (all state) (all region) 
Takedrick Brown (all region) (1st AD)
Julian Green (1st AD)
Cedric Carson (2nd AD)

Returning: Dominique Thomas (district Def MVP)
Marques Bolton (dist newcomer)
Julian Miranda (2nd AD)

3. Converse Judson
Losing: David Wacker (5A player of the year) (state tourney team) (all state) (all region) (dist co-mvp)
Tanner Leissner (state tourney team) (all state) (all region) (dist co-mvp)
Julian Erickson (1st AD)
Rayshon Winn (2nd AD)

Returning: Tony Allen (1st AD)

4. Fort Bend Bush
Losing: Brandon Jones (all state) (all region) (dist mvp)
Charles Grace (2nd AD)

Returning: Brendon Ganaway (all region) (1st AD)
Eden Ewing (1st AD)

5. Harker Heights
Losing: Josh DeLaney (all region) (dist mvp)
Cameron DeLaney (dist def mvp)
Cody Halvorson (1st AD)
Roderick Taylor (2nd AD)

Returning: CJ Bobbitt (1st AD)

6. Allen
Losing: Jamuni McNeace (1st AD)
Myron Fisher (2nd AD)
CJ Winzer (2nd AD)

Returning: Olin Carter (1st AD)
Nick Rutherford (1st AD)

7. Arlington Bowie
Losing: David Chavlovich (dist offensive MVP)
Brandon Hall (1st AD)

Returning: Dante Hales (dist defensive MVP)

8. Hebron
Losing: Jeremy Hicks (dist defensive MVP)
Justin Montgomery (1st AD)
Connor McClenaghan (1st AD)

Returning: Tyler Williams (all region) (dist MVP)

9. Manvel
Losing: Leon Gilmore (all state) (all region) (dist MVP)
Kelton Houston (1st AD)
Ahamad Huff (1st AD)
Kion White (2nd AD)
Dexter Williams (2nd AD)

Returning: D'Eriq King (2nd AD)
CJ Haynes (2nd AD)

10. Atascocita
Losing: Joe Burton (all state) (all region) (dist MVP)
Zach Haney (all region) (1st AD)
Nolan Bilbo (1st AD)
Jai Edwards (2nd AD)

Returning: Greg Shead (2nd AD)

11. South Grand Prairie
Losing: Rick Curry (1st AD)
DJ Thorpe (1st AD)

Returning: Cameron McGriff (2nd AD)

12. Amarillo Tascosa
Losing: Darius Polley (all region) (dist mvp)
Ja'Quan Smith (1st AD)
Parker Davidson (1st AD)
Kris Mincey (2nd AD)

Returning: Quinn Taylor (2nd AD)

13. Flower Mound Marcus
Losing: Xavier Adams (all state) (all region) (dist offensive mvp)
Jaxon Holden (1st AD)

Returning: Michael Mayhew (1st AD)
Michael Wheeler (2nd) 

14. Cy Lakes
Losing: Yuvi Kang (2nd AD)

Returning: De'Aaron Fox (all state) (all region) (dist mvp)
Nick Garth (all region) (1st AD)

15. Port Arthur Memorial
Losing: Torian Lott (1st AD)
Albert Jacobs (1st AD)

Returning: Dorian Chatman (all state) (all region) (dist def MVP)
Ron Taylor (2nd AD)

16. San Antonio Madison
Losing: Troy Guajardo (2nd AD)
Chris Harper (all region) (2nd AD)
Anthony Morales (2nd AD)

Returning: Ja'Michael Brown (all state) (all region) (1st AD)

17. Euless Trinity
Losing: Myles Turner (all state) (all region) (dist MVP)
Adrian Wong (1st AD)

Returning: Jhivvan Jackson (2nd AD)

18. San Antonio Churchill
Losing: Ben Mammel (all state) (all region (1st AD)
Brian Herring (1st AD)

Returning: Clevon Brown (1st AD)
Braeden Bernstein (2nd AD)

19. Richardson Berkner
Losing: Keenan Evans (all state) (all region) (dist MVP)
Robert Johnson (1st AD)
Josh Francis (1st AD)

Returning: Torey Everett (1st AD)

20. Lubbock Coronado
Losing: Devondric Meadows (1st AD)
Duncan Douglas (1st AD)
Trey Culver (1st AD)
Devonte Hutchens (2nd AD)
Travis Barbers (2nd AD)

21. Plano West
Losing: Avery Johnson Jr (1st AD)
Trey Anderson (1st AD)

Returning: DJ Hogg (all state) (all region) (dist MVP)
Chris Giles (dist newcomer)
Soso Jamabo (1st AD)

22. Cy Woods
Losing: Justin Jones (1st AD)
Josh Samuels (2nd AD)

Returning: Samir Sehic (all state) (all region) (1st AD)
JJ Caldwell (dist newcomer)
Jhealan Wesley 

23. Keller
Losing: Kyle Tanner (1st AD)

Returning: Nolan Taylor (all region) (dist MVP)
RJ Nembhard (dist newcomer)
Brock Anders (2nd AD)

24. Fort Bend Travis
Losing: Tyronne Jordan (1st AD)
Quinten Davis (1st AD)
Chris Idi (2nd AD)

Returning: Juwan Williams (1st AD)

25. Harlingen South 
Losing: Nick Garcia (all state) (all region) (dist mvp)
Anjel Gonzales (all region) (dist def MVP)
Sean Montemayor (1st AD)
Grant Preciado (1st AD)


26. Spring Westfield
Losing: Jared Richardson (dist def mvp)
Eric Bolding (1st AD)
Deion Sidney (1st AD)
Marquise Hamilton (2nd AD)
Chad Owens (2nd AD)

Returning: Mongo Cornett

27. Duncanville
Losing: Omar Sherman (all region) (all dist mvp)
DJ Wallace (2nd AD)

Returning: Matt McQuaid (1st AD)
Jalen Harris

28. El Paso Coronado
Losing: Daniel Amigo (all region) (dist mvp)
Sam Havens (1st AD)
Adam Tavizon (2nd AD)

Returning: Abraham Gamboa (2nd AD)
Ji'Vyron Workman (2nd AD)

29. Pearland
Losing: Jeremy Sneed (all region) (dist def mvp)
Devon Begley (1st AD)
Avery Jordan (1st AD)

Returning: Ryan Richie (2nd AD)

30. McAllen Rowe
Losing: Alan Martinez (all region) (dist co-mvp)
Rudy Campos (dist co-mvp)
Chris Gatling (1st AD)
JoJo Martinez (1st AD)
Marcus Contreras (2nd AD)


31. El Paso Bel Air
Losing: Kevin Vicencio (1st AD)

Returning: Josh Gallegos (all region) (1st AD)
Jordan Enriquez (1st AD)

32. Plano East 
Losing: Zach Smith (all state) (all region) (dist def MVP)
Trey Patterson (1st AD)
Matt Billings (2nd AD)

Returning: Isaac Asrat (all region) (dist off MVP)

33. College Park
Losing: Keanu Andaya (all region) (1st AD)
Tristen Newman (1st AD)
Jayden Holden (1st AD)

Returning: Brett Reed (dist def MVP)
Kyle Robertson (2nd AD)

34. Coppell
Losing: Landon Goesling (1st AD)
Simi Socks (1st AD)
Josh Feitl (2nd AD)
Cody Carver (2nd AD)


35. Lakeview Centennial 
Losing: Elbert Robinson (all state) (all region) (dist co-mvp)
Charles Beauregard (all region) (1st AD)
Termir Sutton-Durham (dist def MVP)
Michael Thomson-Vaughan (1st AD)
Jabari Moore (honorable mention)

Returning: Barrington Hunter (1st AD)

36. Katy Seven Lakes
Losing: Jake Terry (1st AD)
Stanley Kanu (2nd AD)
Jacob Ranta (2nd AD)

Returning: Kam McGusty (all region) (dist mvp)

37. San Antonio East Central
Losing: Brandon McClure (dist mvp)
Ceddrick Ali (all region) (1st AD)
Jeremy Jones (1st AD)
Albert Jimenez (2nd AD)

Returning: Brandon Keno (2nd AD)

38. Houston Westside
Losing: Franklin Iheanacho (all region) (1st AD)
Wesley Van Beck (1st AD)
Kevin Baines (2nd AD)

Returning: Daniel Utomi (1st AD)

39. Alief Taylor
Losing: Kaylim Doster (all region) (1st AD)
Chubi Osigwe (1st AD)
Keenan Brown (1st AD)


40. Spring Dekaney
Losing: Joseph Kilgore (all region) (1st AD)

Returning: Dervyn Baines (2nd AD)
Jailin Allen (2nd AD)
Thomas Tolbert


1. Dallas Kimball
Losing: D'Angelo Allen (state tourney mvp) (all region) (dist def player of the year)
Trent Brinkley (state tourney team) (all region) (1st AD)
Dondre Carter (1st AD) 

Returning: Jawun Evans (all state) (all region) (dist newcomer)
Xavier Johnson
Derias Johnson

2. Beaumont Central
Losing: Garrison Mitchell (2nd AD)

Returning: E'Torrion Wilridge (all state) (all region) (dist def player of the year)
Nijal Pearson (state tourney team) (1st AD) 
Andre Morris (1st AD)
Jacory Guillory (1st AD)
Michael Jacquet (2nd AD)

3. Lancaster
Losing: Kaelon Wilson (all region) (dist offensive mvp)
Deondre Edwards (2nd AD)

Returning: Elijah Thomas (all state) (all region) (dist MVP)
Antwon Portley (dist co-newcomer)
Nate Morris (2nd AD)

4. Amarillo (moving up 6A)
Losing: John Hood (state tourney team) (all region) (all dist mvp)

Returning: Michael Dawn (all state) (all region) (1st AD)
Evan Wieck (1st AD)
Hunter Ates (2nd AD)
Braden Eggleston

5. Dallas South Oak Cliff

Losing: Mr Dawson (1st AD)
Lazae Seaton (1st AD)

Returning: Christian Massingburg (all region) (dist co-mvp)
Frank Byers (1st AD)
James Harrison (1st AD)
JF Thomas (1st AD)

6. Dallas Lincoln (moving down 4A)
Losing: Erick Neal (all state) (all region) (dist co-mvp)
Derrick Neal (dist co mvp)
Mark Johnson (1st AD)
Emmanuel Porter (1st AD)

Returning: Trevon Donnell (2nd AD)
Tafarri Witter (2nd AD)

7. Fort Bend Marshall
Losing: Damien Day (all state) (all region) (dist mvp)
Elliot Taylor (all region) (dist def mvp)
Jadier Richardson (1st AD)
Keondre Gibson (2nd AD)

Returning: Christian Barrett (2nd AD)
Jeremy Smith (2nd AD)

8. Houston Wheatley (moving down 4A)
Losing: Ronald Johnson (all region) (dist mvp)
Trevor Merritt (2nd AD)

Returning: Gerald Thomas (all region) (dist co-def mvp)
Kevon Johnson (1st AD)
Nygil Carr (2nd AD)

9. Nederland
Losing: Colton Weisbrod (4A Player of the Year) (all state) (all region) (dist mvp)
Tyler Toon (1st AD)
Diondre Frank (1st AD)

Returning: Jaylan Ballou (dist newcomer)

10. El Paso Andress
Losing: Jeffrey Long (all state) (all region) (dist mvp)
Eddie Sinegal (all region) (1st AD)
Joey Pacheco (1st AD)

Returning: Alvin Warren (1st AD)
Zaccheus Jackson (1st AD)
Brian Hunter (2nd AD)

11. Beaumont Ozen
Losing: Demasters Sams (1st AD)
Jared Hunter (2nd AD)

Returning: Jordan Hunter (all state) (all region) (dist off mvp)
Christian Bolton (1st AD)
Josh Boyd (2nd AD)
Ryan Haynes (2nd AD)

12. Schertz Clemens (moving up 6A)

Returning: Cayne Edwards (dist mvp)
Jalon Gates (dist offensive mvp)
Sam Kearns (dist newcomer)
Mitchell McMullen (1st AD)
Ernesto Castillo (2nd AD)
Devin Kearns (2nd AD)

13. Trimble Tech
Losing: Rayvon Parks (1st AD)
Fred Samples (1st AD)
Quavonn Parks (2nd AD)

Returning: Spencer Franklin (all state) (all region) (dist outstanding rebounder)
DJ McMillian (1st AD)

14. Friendswood (moving up 6A)
Losing: Chris Collins (all region)
Lane Griffon (all region)
Kelby Schimming (dist def mvp)
Garrett Cragin (2nd AD)

Returning: Adam Hinchcliffe (1st AD)

15. Everman
Losing: Reggie Kincade (dist def mvp)
Donald Thomas (1st AD)
Davion Eleston (2nd AD)

Returning: Ka'Juan Malveau (all region) (dist mvp)
Justin Hooks (1st AD)
Javonta Gatewood (2nd AD)

16. Fort Worth Dunbar
Losing: Dennis Jones (all state) (all region) (dist mvp)
Zach Evans (1st AD)

Returning: Logan Ray (1st AD)
Quinton Brigham (1st AD)

17 Buda Hays (moving up 6A)
Losing: Jacob Rodriguez (all state) (all region) (1st AD)
Hayden Cagle (1st AD)
Stephen Ayala (2nd AD)

Returning: Heath Agnew (all region) (1st AD)
Nate Alvarado (2nd AD)

18. Crowley
Losing: Byron Cooke (all region) (1st AD)
Markus Jones (1st AD)

Returning: Wyatt Beene (2nd AD)
Tray Williams (2nd AD)

19. Mansfield Summit 

Returning: Corinthian Ramsey (all region) (1st AD)
Terrance Hubby (1st AD) 

20. Angleton
Losing: Stephaun Limuel (all region) (dist mvp)
Josh Ibarra (dist def mvp)
TJ Josey (1st AD)
Jaquel Lewis (1st AD)

Returning: Josh Campbell (2nd AD)
Jaret Tolbert (2nd AD)

21. Lake Ridge
Losing: Jacob Van (all region) (1st AD)

Returning: Isaak Rowe (dist def mvp)
Ryan Woolridge (1st AD)
Oluwatinilehin Onilogbo (2nd AD)

22. San Antonio Brennan (moving up to 6A)
Losing: Jon Rodriguez (2nd AD)

Returning: Jordan Murphy (all state) (all region) (dist MVP)
Da'Shawn Key (1st AD)
Tobi Osidele (1st AD)
Derian Castellanos

23. Frisco Heritage
Losing: Jordan Box (all region) (dist mvp) 
Jordan Corbitt (1st AD)
Gabe Fowler (2nd AD)
David Johnson (all def team)

Returning: Wesley Franklin (all region) (1st AD)

24. Frenship (4A to 6A) 
Losing: Marcus Schuster (all state) (all region) 
Thomas Martinez (2nd AD)

Returning: Collin Houghton (1st AD)
Chandler Casey (2nd AD)

25. Austin LBJ 
Losing: Joseph Britton (all region)

Returning: David Smith (dist mvp) 
Byron "BJ" Maxwell (dist newcomer)
Jabrell Scott (1st AD)
Shane Smith (2nd AD)

26. Highland Park (moving up to 6A)
Losing: Derek Cahn (dist co-mvp)
Clayton Murtha (1st AD)
Evan Beucler (1st AD)
Matthew Crites (2nd AD)


27. Palo Duro
Losing: Johnnie Brown (all region)
Jeronte McCampbell (1st AD)
Semajre Hill (2nd AD)


28. Frisco Liberty 

Returning: Trey Curry (dist offensive mvp)
Carter Brown (1st AD)
Delwin Young (2nd AD)
Ashten Bloom (2nd AD)

29. Pflugerville Connally
Losing: Joseph Mitchell (all region) (dist offensive mvp)
Deshawn Riddick (1st AD)

Returning: Jaylen Shead (1st AD)
Aneas Jackson (2nd AD)

30. Dallas Wilson
Losing: Kerwin Smith (all state) (all region) (dist def mvp)

Returning: Craig Martin (all region) (1st AD)
Carlos Sampson (dist newcomer) 
Dennis Schouse (1st AD)
Hassan Thomas (2nd AD)

31. Newman Smith
Losing: Darion Brown (all region) (dist co-mvp)
Sherman Parker (1st AD)
Elimu Jackson (2nd AD)

Returning: Deondre Burns (dist off mvp)

32. Dripping Springs
Losing: Bryce Hegemier (all region) (dist mvp)
AJ Huff (dist def mvp)
Brogan Lynch (1st AD)
Patrick Bullock (1st AD)
Blake Chiuminetta (2nd AD)


33. Manor
Losing: Jahlil Tutein (all state) (all region) (dist mvp)
Tyler Ellis (dist def mvp)
Darryl Lemear (1st AD)
Kaylen Bright (2nd AD)
LaMarcus Burnette (2nd AD)


34. Alamo Heights
Losing: Ben Lammers (all state) (all region) (dist def mvp)
Jim Lammers (2nd AD)
Max Riemenschneider (2nd AD)

Returning: David Favorite (1st AD)

35. Waco 
Losing: Matt McGowan (all region) (1st AD)
Justin McCreary (1st AD)
Tyler Taylor (1st AD)
Jer'Damion Majors (2nd AD)

Returning: Zarious Wilson (2nd AD)

36. Texas City 
Losing: Anthony Johnson (1st AD)
Zach Galvan
Murquell Smith
Jordan Pinkney

Returning: Avery Boyd (2nd AD)

37. Whitehouse
Losing: Patrick Mahomes (all region) (dist mvp)
Spencer Shaw (1st AD)
Jaylon Dews (1st AD)
Jake Parker (2nd AD)
Brady Hill (2nd AD)


38. McKinney North
Losing: Jola Otubu (all region) (dist co-mvp)
Julion Pearre (all region) (dist co-mvp)
Steele Douglas (1st AD)
Collin Curran (1st AD)
Rishaard Jackson (2nd AD)
Taber MacFadden (2nd AD)

Returning: Jared Pearre (dist newcomer)

39. Byron Nelson (moving to 6A)
Losing: Thomas Williams (1st AD)
Cale Popovich (2nd AD)
Ethan Davis (2nd AD)

Returning: Emmanuel Nzekwesi (all state) (all region) (dist mvp)
Jeremiah Taylor (dist co-newcomer)

T40. El Paso Hanks
Losing: Andy Arias (dist co-mvp)
Chris Adams (1st AD)
Carlos Delgado (1st AD)

Returning: Chaz Thomas (2nd AD)

T40. Pearland Dawson (moving to 6A)
Losing: Trey Sumpter (dist off mvp)
Eddie Stoneham (2nd AD)

Returning: Charles "CJ" Simmons (all region) (1st AD)
Paul Taulton (dist co-newcomer)
Jordan Lewis (1st AD)

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