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Brad Ernst

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I listed a teams who should be competitive next year and who they are losing and returning.  I put in parenthesis the all district and all region/all state awards these players got this past season.  Feel free to add your teams returning/losing players for next year on this thread.  I'll add classifications as I finish them.


1. Madison
lose: Cameron Bryant (Def MVP) (all state)
Jonathon Turner (1st) (all state)
Lebraun Armstrong (1st)

return: Admon Gilder (MVP) (all state)

2. Yates  (moved to 5A)
lose: JC Washington (MVP, Off/Def MVP) (all state)
Melvin Swift (1st) (all state)
DJ Lewis (1st)
Milton Jackson (2nd)

return: Lorenzo Phillips (1st)
Jacob Young (2nd)

3. Kennedale
lose: Ty Charles (MVP) (all state)
Aundre Jackson (Off MVP) (all state)
KD Doss (1st)

return: Vance Hughes (1st) (all region)
Brandon Conwright (2nd)
Colton Otts (2nd)

4. SA Houston (moved to 5A)
lose: Jordon Harris (MVP) (all state)
Brandon Seals (2nd)

return:  Devin Allen (1st)
Jawon Anderson (1st)
Robert Christian (1st)
Raymonte Prime (2nd)

5. Navasota
lose: Josh Lowery (1st) (all region)
Willie Creeks (2nd)
Shaun Frazier (2nd)

return: Tren'Davian Dickson (MVP) (all region)
Jerbrell Lipscomb (1st)
Lamarquis Jefferson (2nd)
Jabril Hunter (newcomer)

6. Lone Star (moved to 5A)
lose: Jonathon Clay (1st)
Alex Wade (2nd)

return: Zach Brown (MVP) (all region)
Cameron Gooden (Def MVP)
Preston Schilling (1st)
M'kyl Bordes (2nd)
Camden Craddock (2nd)

7. Shallowater (moved to 3A)

8. Triple A
lose:  Jeremiah Jefferson (1st) (all region)
Gary Breaux (2nd)

return: King McClure (Off MVP) (all state)
Tyler Singleton (1st) (all region)
Jamar Sandifer (Sophomore)

9.  West Orange Stark
lose: Laquarious Page (MVP) (all state)
Brandon Joubert (1st)
Ty Thompson (1st)

return: Deionte Thompson (2nd)
Chase Rutledge

10. Wilmer Hutchins
lose: Zac Chalk (1st) (all state)
Troy Causey (newcomer)

return: Torry Williams (2nd)

11. Burkburnett
lose: Elijah Strickland (MVP) (all state)
Justin Bell (1st) (all region)
Arthur Hamlett (1st)
Chavaz Jackson (1st)
Cameron Cahayla (2nd)

12. Mexia
lose:  Kaylon Watson (MVP) (all region)
Damion Matthews (Off MVP)
LaVictor McKnight (Def MVP)
Danny Huckaby (1st)
Ike Jones (1st)
Trey Barstow (1st)

return: Curk Harris (1st)
Tyrik Ray (2nd)

13. Stephenville
lose: Malik Taylor (MVP) (all region)
Grayson Sweet (Off MVP) (all region)
BJ Walker (1st)
Brandon Stevens (1st)
Colby Brandon (6th man)
Mookie Carlisle (2nd)

return: Tyler Griffin (2nd)

14. Decatur
lose: Austin Givens (1st) (all region)
Phillip Walker (MVP)
Paul Walker (Off MVP)
Cain Lowe (1st)
Taylor Clayton (1st)

15. Silsbee
lose: Chris Elam (1st) (all state)
Patrick Reed (Def MVP) (all region)
Zayon Jackson (1st)
Jalen Hardaway (2nd)

return: Michael McCain (newcomer)

Teams to watch:

return: Jesse Johns (Off MVP) (all region)
Jevon Bascus (1st)
D'Anta Thomas (2nd)
Jalen McQueen (2nd)
Robert McKinney (2nd)

Abilene Wylie
lose:  Mike Lopez (MVP) (all state)
Christian Nichols (1st)
Seth Hymer (1st)

return: Daron Davis (Def MVP) (all region)
Jeremy Ayers (2nd)
Zach Erickson (2nd)

lose: Andres Facio (MVP) (all region)
Junior Morales (1st) (all region)

return: Lucas Rodriguez (newcomer)
Jacob Lair (2nd)
Marcus Montez (2nd)

lose: Blue Franklin (2nd)

return: Sabraun Adams (Def MVP)
Rocky Loewen (1st)
Chris Delay (1st)

Mineral Wells
return: Biren Clardy (1st) (all region)
Roscoe Williams (1st)
Broderick Johnson (newcomer)
Nick Wendt (2nd)

WF Hirschi
lose: Terrance Cooper (Off MVP) (all region)
Rico Shumpert (1st)
Devonte Barnes (1st)

return: D'Shan Harley (Def MVP)
Cedric Battle (newcomer)
Michael Norris (2nd)

lose: Chase Kammerer (1st)
Colton Wilkes (2nd)

return: Jonathon Davis (Off MVP) (all region)
JC Chalk (1st)

lose: Donovan Minter (1st)
Brandon Glenn (2nd)

return: D'Quan Waheed (newcomer)
Raghib Ismail (1st)
Matthew Lewis (1st)

Dallas Lincoln
lose: Erick Neal  (MVP) (all state)
Derrick Neal (MVP)
Mark Johnson (1st)
Emmanuel Porter (1st)

return: Trevon Donnell (2nd)
Tafarri Witter (2nd)

lose: Clery Delmas (Def MVP)
Stefan Tatum (1st)

return: Trey Conrod (MVP) (all region)
Nick Orange (Off MVP)
X'avier Gaona (1st)
Deon Kincade (1st)
Kevrin Justice (2nd)

lose: Marc Bawcum (1st)
Ronyae Bell (2nd)
Adrian Beamon (2nd)

return: Seljah Johnson (MVP) (all region)
Roy'D Jones (1st)

North Lamar
return:  Hunter Sartor (1st)
Tyler Anthony (1st)
Levi Porter (newcomer)
Samaki Walker (2nd)

lose: Quentin McKenzie (newcomer)
Jared Bragdon (2nd)

return: Will Bailey (1st) (all region)
Tamrick Pace (1st)
Clay McCoy (2nd)

La Vega
return: Brandon Benson (MVP)
Amryie Blunson (1st)
Emilio Ortegon (1st)
Quinton Hill (1st)
Parish Cobb (2nd)
Kedrick James (2nd)

lose: Samuel Scott (MVP) (all region)

return: Chas Walls (1st)
Patrick Johnson (1st)
Jamarcus Polk (2nd)
Kevin Hurley (2nd)

Hardin Jefferson
lose: Zjori Bosha (Off MVP) (all state)
Sammie Mitchell

return: Dylan Mays (1st)
Michael Saladin (2nd)
Maleik Bodley

Houston Wheatley
lose: Ronald Johnson (MVP) (all region)
Trevor Merritt (2nd)

return: Gerald Thomas (Def MVP) (all region)
Kevon Johnson (1st)
Nygil Carr (2nd)

lose: Cedric Gambrell (1st) (all region)
Deon Baldwin (Off MVP)
Richard Johnson (2nd)

return:  Marquis Waller (1st)
Marcus Keyser (newcomer)

La Marque
lose: Anthony Shinette (Def MVP) (all region)
Michael Hardeman (Off MVP)
Jequan Millsap (2nd)

return: Raymond Stubblefield (1st)

West Columbia
lose: Lamarquis Fields (2nd)

return: Jarius Kesee (MVP) (all region)
Brandon Harris (1st)
Jayson Faith (1st)

lose: Austin Rodriguez (MVP) (all region)
Wade Shepherd (Def MVP)
Clayton Braden (1st)

return: Kyle Reeh (1st)
Brian Watson (2nd)
Mark Rodriguez (2nd)

lose:  Jake Moore (1st) (all region)
Anthony Cravey (1st)
Brett Lang (2nd)
return:  Jonah Lang (2nd)

lose: Matt Dillard (Off MVP)
Chris Anderson (Def MVP)
Hugo Frias (1st)
Andy Garza (2nd)

return: Frankie Sanchez (MVP) (all region)
Mike Espinoza (MVP) (all region)
Carmelo Reyes (2nd)
Eliud Castillo (2nd)

lose:  Jonathon Raitz (2nd)

return: Averie Mansfield (newcomer)
Noah Nelson (1st)
Ty Neff (1st) (all region)
Corey Jennings (1st)

lose: Elliott Hudson (MVP) (all state)
Chris Green (Def MVP)

return: Timothy Young (newcomer)
Ashton Branch (1st)
Keyshawn Johnson (1st)
Donte Bell (2nd)
Jessie Garza (2nd)

West Oso
lose:  Christian Johnson (MVP) (all region)
Justin Haywood (1st) (all region)
Ramiro Castro (Def MVP)

return: Curtis Huff (1st)
Jasiah Patterson (2nd)
Darius Sullivan (2nd)


1. Ponder
lose:  Clay Morgan (MVP) (all state)
Josh Peterson (Def MVP) (all region)
Logan McCarty (2nd)

return:  Brady Anderson (Off MVP) (all state)
Chase Harris (newcomer) (all region)
Cameron Salee (1st)

2. Tatum (moved up to 4A)
lose:  Robbie Rockwell (Off MVP) (all state)
Klifton Willis (1st) (all region)
Donovan Centers (Def MVP)
Jahee Johnson (2nd)
Casey Carr (2nd)

return: Chaston Brooks (1st) (all state)

3.  Brock
lose: Harris Jowell (1st)
Hayden Mcpherson (2nd)

return: Lance Ewell (1st) (all state)
Bailey Cockburn (Def MVP) (all region)
Hayden James (1st) (all region)
Micah Thornton (2nd)

4. Kountze
lose: Xavier Barnes (1st) (all region)
JJ Edwards (Def MVP)
Xavier Scott (2nd)

return: Grayland Arnold (MVP) (all state)
Justin Harper (1st)
TJ Stanford (newcomer)

5. Aransas Pass
lose: JD Gentry (Def MVP) (all state)
Victor Gonzalez (2nd)

return: Kiki Hill (MVP) (all state)
Colin Hale (1st) (all region)
Troy Galvan (1st)
Paul Harris (2nd)

6. Bushland (moved up to 4A)
lose: Taylor Cornelius (MVP) (all state)
Colter Cornelius (Def MVP)
Bayler Andrews (all district)

return: Tate Smalligan (all district) (all region)
Teagan Shelton (all district)

7. Red Oak Life
lose: Karrey Sanders (1st) (all region)
Jeremy Reese (Def MVP)
Neal Johnson (1st)

return: Scott Muirhead (newcomer)
Nick Forde (2nd)

8. Van Alstyne
lose: Zach Davis (1st)

return: Isaiah Boling (1st) (all region)
Jared McMakin (newcomer)
Colin McCaskill (1st)
Bailey Thorpe (6th man)

9. Crockett
lose:  Carlton Shirley (MVP) (all region)
Coby Berry (MVP)
Cedgadrick Harris (2nd)

return: Jamarcus Moten (Def MVP)
Tony Robinson (1st)
Voshon Elem (1st)
Michael Hall (2nd)
Ja'vonte Mask (2nd)

10. Central Heights
lose: Keaton Fontenot (Off MVP) (all state)
Tanner Garner (2nd)

return: Harrison Perkins (1st)
Joel Badders (1st)
PR Johnson (1st)
Duke Ellis (2nd)
Blake Robertson (newcomer)

11. East Bernard
lose: Grant Aschenbeck (MVP) (all region)
Blake Hlavinka (1st)
Derrick Rucka (1st)
Cole Koeppen (2nd)

return: JJ Talas (newcomer)

12. Whitesboro
lose: Stephenn Hamon (1st) (all region)
Collin Kilcrease (2nd)

return: Ryan Schuessler (MVP) (all state)
Hayden Nikirk (1st)
Wiley Walsh (2nd)

13. New Boston
lose: Aaron Conkleton (1st)
Dale Roberts (1st)
Thomas Kelly (2nd)

return: Jeff Gladney (1st) (all region)
Quinn Dedmon (2nd)
TJ Dedmon (2nd)

14. Brownfield
lose: Korey Nolan (1st)
Malcolm Rainwater (1st)
Elisio Salas (2nd)

return: Sha'Colby Hill (MVP) (all state)
Jordan Demps (1st)
Alex McCary (2nd)

15. Jarrell
lose: Travis Nemec (1st)

return: Dacious Barr (2nd) (all region)
DeSean Johnson (newcomer)
Tony Brown (1st)

Teams to watch

lose: Micah Bailey (MVP) (all state)
Wes McCutcheon (1st)
Jarek Black (2nd)

return: Ran Johnston (newcomer)
Preston Scaff (1st)

lose: Calor Cope (Off MVP) (all region)
Nigel Hughes (all district)
Mason Holcomb (all district)
Mason Darter (all district)
Thomas Freeman (all district)

return: Bryce Bowman (all district) (all region)
Chazten Brown
Luke Darter

Denver City
lose: Mason Milligan (1st)
Keyshawn Hawkins (1st)

return: Hunter Hemmeline (Off MVP) (all region)
Saul Gutierrez (2nd)
Omar Aguirre (2nd)

lose:  Jacob Carrasco (Def MVP)
Jared Easley (1st)
Austin Taylor (1st)

return: David Dingle (Off MVP) (all region)
Jordan Melendez (1st)
Noe Porras (1st)
Duke Abalos (2nd)
Jantzen Michel (2nd)

lose: Caleb Spoon (MVP) (all region)
Rigo Gallegos (1st)
Clay Boaz (2nd)

Jim Ned
lose: Braden Smith (2nd)
Kolton Bacon

return: Tanner Locklear (Off MVP) (all region)
Shea Easterling
Austin McDonald

lose: Malachi Cade (Off MVP) (all region)
Nick Parker (Def MVP)
Brayden Boyd (1st)
Chase Larson (1st)

return: Reed Cummings (MVP) (all region)
Easton Stringer (2nd)

lose: Zack Noetzelmann (MVP)
Garland McCoy (Def MVP)
Tyler Monkres (1st)

return: Cooper Cantrell (Off MVP)
Chase Hall (newcomer)
Carter Shackelford (2nd)
Trey Johnson (2nd)

lose:  Ty Ballard (1st) (all region)
Dathan Kemp (2nd)
Eric Siewert (2nd)

return: Colten Wright (1st)
Parker Grudt (1st)
Draven Tell (2nd)

lose:  Dennis Black (2nd)

return:  Mason Riggins (Def MVP) (all state)
Desmond McNeil (newcomer)
Dane Robinson (1st)

lose: Tyler Germany (1st) (all region)
Justin Bundy (2nd)

return: Carlos Bolton (1st)
Jackson Tyner (1st)
Trent Phelps (2nd)
Kobe Huett (2nd)
Christian Davison (2nd)

lose: Nigel Brown (2nd)

return: Kevin Johnson (MVP) (all region)
Eric Stephens (1st)
Kaleb Haynes (2nd)

lose:  Michael Witherspoon (MVP) (all state)
Zach Short (2nd)

return: Grant Hughes (1st) (all region)
Ian Knight (newcomer)
Will Phillips (1st)
Thomas Box (2nd)

East Chambers
lose: Brennan Beckett (MVP) (all region)
Jarrod Guillory (1st)
Dory Roberts (2nd)

return: Darius Guillory (2nd)

return: Kreston Richardson (2nd)
Tyler Edwards (2nd)
Jonah Jackson
Lucas Sammons
Joseph Clark
Remi Connell

lose: Dalton Euler (1st)

return: Keaun Valverde (Def MVP)
Chris Simms (newcomer)
Braden Fairchild (1st)
Derek Brown (1st)

lose:  Dalton Herrington (Def MVP)
Walker Dowell (1st)
Hunter Mican (2nd)

return: Jimario Grounds (MVP) (all region)
Trenton McGee (1st) (all region)
Landon McAfee (1st)

return: Bryan London (1st) (all state)
JJ Gomez (newcomer)
Shaun Jackson (1st)
Cody Kuhl (2nd)

lose: Phillip Martinez (1st)

return: Richard Nanez (MVP) (all region)
Nathan Naranjo (Def MVP)
Thomas Martinez (newcomer)
Josh Vasquez (2nd)
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