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Brad Ernst

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I listed a teams who should be competitive next year and who they are losing and returning.  I put in parenthesis the all district and all region/all state awards these players got this past season.  Feel free to add your teams returning/losing players for next year on this thread.  I'll add classifications as I finish them.


1. Mumford
losing: Aubrie King (MVP) (all state)
Dion Mack (Off MVP) (all state)
Seth Smitherman (1st) (all region)
Braxton Haynes (2nd)

returning: Lakendric Hyson (Def MVP) (all state)

2. Muenster
losing: Cole Walterscheid (MVP)(all state)

returning: Lyndon Cook (MVP) (all state)
Logan Cook (newcomer) (all region)
Trevor Cheaney
Chance Herr (2nd)

3. Grapeland
losing: Patrick Walker (MVP)(all state)
Jacolby Simpson (Off MVP) (all region)
Shaun Walker (Def MVP)
John McKnight (2nd)

returning: Jacques Faulk (1st) (all region)
Dominic Decello (1st)

4. Smyer
losing: Luke Vedder (Newcomer)
TJ Escobedo (defensive team)

returning: Brennen Fowler (MVP)(all state)
Nicolas Lucero (Def MVP) (all state)
James Albus (1st)

5. Lapoynor
losing: Octavious Crear (Def MVP) (all state)
Mason Motal (1st) (all region)
Wade Lang (2nd)

returning: James Jackson (Off MVP) (all region)
Jacorey Williams (1st)
Lane McClelland (Newcomer)
Xavier Oliver (Freshman)
Colton Clair (2nd)

6. Martins Mill
losing:  no one

returning: Davis Moore (MVP) (all state)
Hunter Conway (1st) (all region)
Dylan Weatherford (Def MVP)
Logan Jenkins (1st)
July Latimer (1st)

7. Memphis
losing: Peyton Little (1st) (all state)
Troy Clark (1st)
Zeke Rodriguez (1st)

8. San Augustine
losing: Jarvis Smith (MVP) (all state)
Dez Randle (1st) (all region)

returning: JD Brown (newcomer)
Jamikel Roberts (1st)
Jeremy Jenkins (2nd)

9. Collinsville
losing: John Lewis (Def MVP) (all state)
Connor Daly (Off MVP) (all region)
Jace Claytor (1st)

10. Poolville
losing: Alex Rodriguez (MVP) (all state)
Jonathon Arbuckle (Off MVP) (all region)
Casey McCleery (Def MVP) (all region)
Dylan Brawley (1st)

returning: Taylor King (1st)
Colby Bobbitt (2nd)

11. Tenaha
losing: Chavis Gregory (Def MVP) (all region)
Keontas Davis (MVP)
Jacobey Ivy (Off MVP)
JR Hill (2nd)

returning: Tyler Davison (1st)
Deandre Thomas (1st)
Colton Goeke (newcomer)

12. Big Sandy
losing: Jalen Abbey (MVP) (all state)
Blaine Tolar (2nd)

returning: Trent Williams (Off MVP) (all region)
Angel Bullock (1st)
Benson Williams (1st)

13. Snook
losing: Keenan Brooks (MVP) (all state)
Austin Jackson (2nd)

returning: Darrion Swain (1st) (all region)
Harlan Plumber (newcomer)
Charleston Scarlett

14. Panhandle
losing: Tanner Barnett (MVP) (all region)
Cory Free (Off MVP)
Brody Powers (Def MVP)
Tyler Hall (1st)

returning: Josh Oliver (1st)
Bryce Cathey

15. Farwell
losing: Austin Mason (Off MVP) (all region)
Ruben Gutierrez (1st)

returning: Jace Perkins (newcomer)
Curt Langford (1st)
Chase Mitchell (1st)

Teams to watch

losing:  Boston Hudson (Off MVP) (all state)
Ben Arbuckle (1st) (all region)

returning: Braiden Galla (Def MVP)
Ethan Lusk (all district)
Tanner Schaeffer (all district)

losing: Beau Blankenship (MVP)

returning: Carson Williams (Def MVP) (all region)
Aaron Felderhoff (all district)
Dax Haight (all district)
Marco Ayala (all district)

losing: Sterling Audrain (Def MVP)

returning: Trevor Melton (MVP)
Ty Hess (all district)
Rhett Schoonover (all district)
Jack McBryde (all district)
Tanner Stone (all district)

losing: Dre Burns (MVP) (all state)
Tyler Whiteley (all district)
Ethan Berton (all district)

returning: Darryl Calloway (MVP)
Luke Sweatt (all district)

losing: Terry Gilbreath (all district)

returning: Jonathon Townsend (all district) (all region)
Jastan Cantu (all district) (all region)
Antonio Garcia (all district)

losing: Scout Teal (MVP) (all state)
Justin Cannon (Off MVP) (all region)
Kevin Carlisle (all district)
Dru Lust (all district)
Kyle Mills (all district)

return: Garrett Royal
Trae Bender

Hale Center
losing: Lane Rossi (MVP) (all state)
Jason Garcia (MVP)
CJ Thompson (MVP)
Isaac Ruiz (all district)
Zephan Garcia (all district)

returning: Johnny Berry (all district)

losing: James Washington (MVP) (all state)
Bo Wimberly (Def MVP)
Gus West (1st)
Ty McLemore (2nd)

returning:  Ligon West (newcomer)
John Louis Dyer (6th man)

returning: Tanner Thompson (MVP) (all region)
Cooper Pulliam (1st)
Ethan Guerra (2nd)
Robert Colgan
Tracey Jones

losing: JJ Foreman (1st)
Bailey Burks (1st)
Tyler Connelly (2nd)

returning: Lane Henderson (MVP) (all region)

returning: Thomas Sourber (1st)
Chris Brown (1st)
Cameron Turner (2nd)

North Hopkins
losing: Tarence Berry (MVP) (all region)
Trenton Dodd (Off MVP) (all region)
Kevin Meza (Def MVP)
Silas Whaley (1st)
Jessie Williams (1st)
Blake Adams (2nd)

returning: Alfredo Orozco (2nd)

losing: Jamal Curtis (Off MVP) (all region)
Austin Easley (1st)
Dakota Ross (2nd)
Aaron Sessums (2nd)

returning: Hunter Binion (newcomer)
Anthony Pena (1st)

losing: Tyus Savage (MVP) (all region)
Gemack Woodberry (MVP) (all region)
Trent Evans (1st)

returning: Terrence Tinnell (MVP)
Clashon Gaffney (Def MVP)
Quintin Wallace (newcomer)
Rayzon Allen (1st)
Duane Brown (2nd)

losing: Noah Burwell (MVP) (all region)
Demarcus Wesley (1st)
Drew Roden (2nd)

returning:  Lavon Davis (Off MVP)
Derek Craft (1st)

losing: Eric Chavez (1st)
Ryan Wright (2nd)

returning: Jansen Head (Off MVP) (all region)
Hunter Parrish (6th man)
Joseph Paddock (1st)

losing: Stephen Holland (2nd)

return: Chaz Grimes (Off MVP) (all region)
Gavino Rongel (1st)
Eric Lane (2nd)
Geramey Mayne

Blue Ridge
return: Brevin Wiggins (Def MVP)
Harrison Martin (Newcomer)
Ty Agan (1st)
Brody Worth (2nd)

Waco Rapoport
losing: Devonte Henderson (Def MVP)

returning: Blaine Listach  (MVP) (all region)
Berkley Baker (1st)
Kemoney Spratt (1st)

losing: Shelton Sayles (1st)
Brandon Ward (1st)
Dustin Jock (2nd)

returning: Nate Betts (MVP) (all region)

returning: Cade Harris (newcomer)
Tulley Pickens (1st)
Chance Carrigan (1st)
Haden Nash (2nd)

New Summerfield
returning:  Case Wilkerson (Off MVP)
Angel Marroquin (1st)
Wendl Thomas (1st)
Francisco Parra (2nd)

losing: Zach Sturns (MVP) (all region)
Jacolby Whitaker (Def MVP)
Anfernee Black (1st)

returning: Leroy Lewis (Def MVP)
Ja'vieontae Mumphry (1st)
Tyarius Hackett (2nd)

return: Marcus Edwards (Def MVP)
JJ Boykins (1st)
Octavian Burrell (2nd)
CJ Watson (2nd)

West Sabine
losing: Rickel Thomas (Off MVP) (all region)
Nick Williams (1st)

returning: Demarie Smith (Freshman)
Reshod Williams (2nd)

losing: Riley Schaefer (Def MVP)
Lorenzo Llana (2nd)

returning: Jordan Hafley (1st) (all region)
Americo Vazquez (Newcomer)
Eric Hinistroza (2nd)

losing: James McKinney (MVP) (all region)
Kelvin Alston (1st) (all region)
Devin Alston (1st)
Weston Rafay (2nd)

returning: Zach Pruett (6th man)

losing: Brayden Hagendorf (Def MVP)

returning: Guy Stevenson (MVP) (all region)
Jayden Baumann (1st)
Gus Sagraves (1st)
Roger Perkins (1st)

losing: Graham Lawrence (2nd)

return: Dominic Cruz (MVP) (all region)
Andre Martinez (newcomer)
Jordan Valdez (1st)
Jacob Asebedo (1st)

Port Aransas
losing: Nick Maxham (MVP)
Jake Roberts (Def MVP)
Christian Johnson (2nd)

returning:  Jackson Willoughby (MVP) (all region)
Austin Scott (1st)
Ryan Zollars (1st)
Chase Denton (2nd)

lose: Jaylon Carr (2nd)
Kade Vyvjala (2nd)

return: Tyler Thompson (1st)
Javeon Lara (2nd)


1. Water Valley
losing: Connor Copley (MVP) (all state)
Trae Hannon (MVP) (all state)
Kellan Kirkland (Off MVP) (all state)
Brock Demere (1st ) (all region)

returning: Cameron Copley (Newcomer)
Devan Glass (2nd)

2. Laneville
losing: Donta Harris (MVP) (all state)

returning: Ty Johnson (Def MVP) (all region)
Kendrick Anderson (1st ) (all region)
Tralon Alexander (1st) (all region)
Tiarel Franklin (1st)

3. Miller Grove
losing: Patrick Covington (MVP) (all state)
Nathan George (MVP) (all region)
Weston House (2nd)
Tyler Marler (2nd)

returning: Logan Miller (1st) (all region)
Aaron Smith (1st)

4. Oakwood
losing: Damiyne Durham (Off MVP) (all state)
Jacquez Anderson (1st) (all state)
Dominique Johnson (2nd) (all region)

returning: David Allen (2nd)

5. Crowell
losing: Lex Bond
Diante Mitchell

returning: Mitchell Parsley (all state)
Will Hogan (moved to Dallas?)
Tristan Hayes
Jared Brown
Nathan Moya

6. Calvert
losing:  Taron Gipson (MVP) (all region)
Anthony Jones (1st) (all region)

LeQuintin Smith (Off MVP)
Cory Chopp (1st)
Xavier Laury (2nd)
DeRodney Thomas (2nd)

7. Roxton
losing: Kalyl McGuire (MVP) (all state)
James Black (1st) (all region)
Travon Williams (2nd)
Chase Dake (2nd)

returning: Dane Reed (1st)

8. Huckabay
losing: Junior Fragoza (MVP) (all state)
Cade Bray (1st)
Garrett Stewart (1st)

returning: Gavin Fuentes (all region)
Ky Bray (Def MVP)
Cade Little (2nd)

9. Lingleville
losing: Robert Vankranenburg (MVP) (all state)
Ruperto Huerta (Def MVP) (all region)

returning: Tim Griffin (1st)
Bart Vankranenburg (2nd)

10. Douglass
losing: Bryce Westbrook (MVP) (all state)
Tim Ham (1st)
Peyton Burton (moved)

returning: Cade James (2nd)

11. Nazareth
losing: Braden Wethington (newcomer) (all state)

returning: Hayden Gerber (all region)
Troy Gerber (all district)
Cole Kleman (all district)

12. Texline
losing: Chance Helms (Def MVP) (all region)

returning: Aaron Gutierrez (MVP) (all state)
Carlos Espino (Off MVP) (all state)
Anthony Grimes (all district)

13.  Graford
losing: Dylan Hart (2nd)

returning: Lucas Simmons (Off MVP) (all region)
Quinten Tabor (Def MVP) (all region)
Peter Vopinka (6th man)
Tanner Hargrove (1st)
Louis Conde Fernandez (1st)

14. Throckmorton
losing:  Bryson Oliver (1st)
Nathan Riley (2nd)

returning: Hayden Farquhar (MVP) (all state)
Adam Hernandez (Def MVP)
Lanham Brown (1st)

15. Eula
losing: Cutter Smith (MVP) (all state)
Mathew Brothers (1st)

returning: Kelbi Valdez (Off MVP) (all region)
Brayden Grubbs (2nd)

Teams to watch

returning: Roderick Calhoun (MVP)
Delvin Smith (Off MVP)
Dre Kirven (1st)
Wanya Jones (2nd)

losing: Taylor Polson (1st)

returning: Beau Lucas (MVP) (all state)
EJ Rodriguez (MVP) (all region)
Joseph Briseno (Def MVP)
Cole Avery (Newcomer)
Kyle Garza (2nd)

losing:  Tyler Goodwin (MVP) (all state)
Jared Cotton (all district)

returning: Logan Morris (Def MVP) (all region)
Austin Cullifer (all district)
Rowdy Mhoon (all district)

returning: Sheldon Burchett (Off MVP) (all region)
Garrett Reynolds (all district)
Luke Curren (all district)
Slade Coulter
Travis Scogin

returning: Ricky Searcy (6th man)
Oscar Mathis (all district)
Cole Parton (all district)
Collin Flemons (coach's son, transferring from Brazoswood)

losing: Trevor Hedeman (1st) (all region)

returning: Lance Ferguson (1st) (all region)
Derrick Cook (newcomer)
Jaron Rice (2nd)

returning: Brady Chamberlain (MVP) (all region)
Jarred Shaffer (Off MVP) (all region)
Shane Gallagher (1st)
Marcus Washington (2nd)
Layton Watson (2nd)

losing: Brandt Cassetty (MVP) (all region)
Matthew Belcher (1st)

returning: Broc Terry (Def MVP) (all region)
Jakob Watkins (2nd)
Kaden Ogle (2nd)

losing: Isaac Davis (Off MVP) (all state)

Colton Perkins (1st)

returning: Tyler Maynard (1st)
Khristian Talamantes (2nd)
Erick Gutierrez

losing: Jeremiah Clark (MVP) (all region)
Dillon Barton (1st)
James Baggett (1st)
Desmond Chisum (Def MVP)

returning: Lake Loyd (Off MVP)
Chiam Loyd (1st)
Erik Green (2nd)
Antonio Neal (2nd)

losing: Desterein Ohara

returning: Donovan Wysinger (Def MVP)
Robert Hunt (1st)
JD Spikes (2nd)
Jerry Hartsfield

Turkey Valley
losing: Gustava Alanis (MVP) (all region)
Gustavo Santos (all district)

returning: Barrett Bland (Off MVP)
James Castillo (newcomer)
Keeno Ferrel (all district)
Ashton Barclay
Tyler Campbell

losing: Gabe Zamora (all district)

returning: Karson Bryan (newcomer)
Sam Middleton (all district)
Cooper Gray (all district)

losing: Monty Timmons (Off MVP) (all region)
Jerad Staggs (1st) (all region)
Devin Spivey (2nd)

Dylan Tindol (1st)
Dayton Eddleman (1st)

Knox City
losing: Zach Carter (Off MVP) (all region)

returning: Krys Campos (Def MVP)
Skyler Neill (1st)
Ryan Heard (2nd)

losing: Brandon Flores (MVP) (all region)
Tyler Harrison (all district)

returning: Mason Davila (all district) (all region)
Trey Herrera (all district)

losing: Kelton Moye (Off MVP)
Justin Howard (Def MVP)
Matthew Enriquiz (1st)
Kendrick Aguerro (1st)

returning: Brant Harris (MVP) (all region)
Isaac Williams (Def MVP)

Cross Plains
losing: Cutter Halsel (Off MVP) (all region)
Tristen Stephenson (1st)
Josh Branch (1st)
Tyler Henderson (2nd)

returning: Holden Senclair (newcomer)
Phoenix Sanders

returning: Christian Rocha (MVP) (all region)
Gustavo Sandoval (all district)
Graden Garrison (all district)

losing: Eric Nichols (MVP) (all region)
Pedro DeLuna (1st) (all region)
Shane Stone (Off MVP)
Jusias Alaniz (1st)

returning: Kyle Molter (Def MVP) (all region)
Ivan Jasso (newcomer)
Adrian Rivera (2nd)
Connell Barnett (2nd)
Carlos Perez (2nd)

Lamarque Premier Academy
losing: Derrick O'Brien (MVP)

returning: Roy Callier (Off MVP)
Jacoby Callier (1st)
Keith Stewart (1st)
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